The Car Is A Brochure For Mobility Drivers

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Appearance and experience are key attributes of a mobility service provider and simply put – they can help you make more money! Passengers expect that vehicles are safe and comfortable and, in addition to enjoying a pleasant and efficient ride experience, they appreciate approaching a clean vehicle.

Some people are more sensitive than others as to how kept vehicles are and when they are an Uber or Lyft passenger, the chances are pretty good that they’ll be more aware of the vehicle’s condition. Five-star drivers note that passengers appreciate rides in clean cars. Regular washing, vacuuming and airing of the vehicle are the most effective methods of maintaining clean car and ensuring a consistent quality service level.

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Going UNLIMITED with an unlimited car wash plan can be an important investment that guarantees you’re delivering a consistent and quality service-related product to your clients every single day. Especially in a region that has four seasons and ever-changing weather conditions, becoming a member in the unlimited wash club will provide a quick, convenient and contactless way to keep your “business” shining all of the time. Depending on how much you drive and your overall needs, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of washing as often as you like.

Also take advantage of FREE VACUUMS! Some drivers still deliver a volume of rides in dirty cars and in one recently overheard case, the driver had sand on the backseat floor in an area of the country where there is no sand, ha! After each ride, pull off somewhere safe and take a quick walkaround your vehicle and then scan the seats for trash and other remnants from the recent rider.

Other Tips: Get Weather Tech mats. They are hands down the best, just ask your next Uber or Lyft driver.

This is a simple task that will go a long way and return more revenue per your time investment!

Other Tips: Get Weather Tech mats! They are hands down the best, just ask your next Uber or Lyft driver.

At Shining Star Car Wash, we are all about Serious Cleaning and Serious Commitment. We towel dry every car by hand because it is the best way to finish a superior wash. Our commitment begins with service and technology. FREE wheel cleaner, wax, and vacuuming. All of this in just about a 4 minute process.
Try the rest but come to the best!


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