The Technology of A Smart Car Wash

Shining Star Car Wash is always trying to raise the bar, giving every car a customized car wash by ...
shining star smartwash sonar scan technology
The Technology of a Smart Car Wash

The technology of a smart car wash. Shining Star Car Wash is always trying to raise the bar, giving every car a customized car wash by incorporating new technology and evolving our own best practices.

At Shining Star Car Wash, they have revolutionized their car wash process. Utilizing a unique combination of ultrasonic and infrared photoelectric sensors – all managed by advanced software with its own specialized algorithm- James Platz and his team are able to map out each vehicle in three dimensions before the first chemical is applied. This custom washing experience allows them to increase efficiency while still providing a high level of service! 

Step into Shining Star Car Wash and you’re entering a truly revolutionary car wash experience. Our smart sensors are able to anticipate your arrival, positioning the brushes in preparation before you enter – needed no more inconvenient repositioning which saves precious time! Moreover, our Green Wash solutions emphasize energy saving and water conservation without sacrificing optimal cleaning results as promised by Platz himself – “We’re able to get the car cleaner than if we were just moving it around with spinning foam fingers!” Enjoy an efficient yet eco-friendly clean today at Shining Star Car Wash. For example, we minimize water usage by balancing environmentally-friendly soaps and waxes with aeration technology. Our smart wash manages the mixture of air, water and cleaners to minimize waste and maximize the performance of our chemistry.

Dual Foam Cleaners and Foam Fingers that don’t hold dirt. Our foam fingers clean your vehicle and polish the surface at the same time. Our specially-formulated ultra foaming solution doesn’t hold dirt and thereby delivering the cleanest application to every vehicle.

Every precaution and care. The clean water that goes on your car is heated and softened and part of our overall green wash technique.

Ceramic Shield. Never paste wax your car again because this special liquid polymer protects like no other product, generating a deep, glossy shine that gets more brilliant with each application. An ultimate shine and water beading is produced that’s amazing and enables your paint, glass, wheels, trim and plastic to repel dirt and grime better and longer.

At Shining Star Car Wash, we are all about Serious Cleaning and Serious Commitment. We towel dry every car by hand because it is the best way to finish a superior wash. Our commitment begins with service and technology. FREE wheel cleaner, wax, and vacuuming. Fast 4 minute process.

Try the rest but come to the best.


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