Shining The Star While You Sleep – IT’S NOT MAGIC

Keeping a Smart Wash Tops is NOT MAGIC

At Shining Star Car Wash, we’re always pushing ourselves to raise the performance bar and give you the perfect wash and shine every hour of every day! How we do it is less about specialized technology and formulas and more about our family-operated team with the best training and experience, making the best decisions. And our customers notice!

More and more of our customers compliment us on our “up-time” of almost always being open and our consistency of service delivery. We try to hold to an industry-leading up-time of 99%. There’s really no magic in how we do it but there are some 3am mornings when we wish there was, ha! 

Harsh Environment on Equipment. Automatic wash systems, electric and hydraulic equipment have to endure high heat and freezing cold temperatures. This requires constant monitoring, routine preventive maintenance and sometimes repairs. It’s not unusual for some of our family and staff to be working in the wash tunnel at times in the middle of the night, ensuring that your smart wash that day will be just as you expect – a great experience.

Large corporate-owned washes. Most of the employees working in a corporate-owned wash are not trained on preventive maintenance and repair procedures. When their wash begins having problems or is down, customers can be at the mercy of having to wait hours or days before corporate can schedule and dispatch technicians onsite. Issues and downtime can become even more challenging when there are other priorities that have to take precedent, for example when the car wash staff or attendant also covers duties in an integrated convenience store facility.

It’s not magic keeping a smart wash in top shape. A little passion, training and experience can go a long way in this industry!

At Shining Star Car Wash, we are all about Serious Cleaning and Serious Commitment. We towel dry every car by hand because it is the best way to finish a superior wash. Our commitment begins with service and technology. FREE wheel cleaner, wax, and vacuuming. All of this in just about a 4 minute process.
Try the rest but come to the best


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