Our Smart Car Wash Tunnel

Our Smart Car Wash Tunnel. Shining Star Car Wash tunnel has some pretty cool technology! We also have some pretty pragmatic components that have your ...
smart wash controller technology

Our Smart Car Wash Tunnel

Our Smart Car Wash Tunnel. Shining Star Car Wash tunnel has some pretty cool technology! We also have some pretty pragmatic components that “have your car’s back”! Welcome to our mini-episode series that will explore all of the interesting “I didn’t know that!” tidbits about our smart wash tunnel.

Safe Conveyor and Brush Systems

This system is made with all-plastic rails so your rims (and tires!) will never be touched by metal. Shining Star Car Wash’s conveyor is the widest and lowest made at 4 and 1/2 inches high. It’ll accept large SUV and truck tires, as well as wide sports car tires like the ones that come through our wash all of the time on Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis.

It also has a fail-safe system that’s designed to continue operating properly in the event of an unexpected failure or fault. The system has backup components and functions that can take over when primary components cease working, ensuring the safety and reliability of the overall system. This acts as another safety measure to help prevent accidents. We also have a dynamic wheel guide system that is designed to help ensure that the car stays on the conveyor system and keeps it from running off the tracks. If there is an issue for example let’s say a customer is a little panicked and is stepping on the brake then our wheel guide system has the ability to react and stay with the tires while allowing the forward assembly to keep moving, until the driver can comfortably release the brake and allow the auto to move with the conveyor while in neutral.

Technology is essential when it comes to modern car washes. Automated car washes are able to utilize sensors and specialized equipment to provide a high-quality clean without wasting water or chemicals. In addition, the integration of advanced software allows for improved tracking of customer visits and other data points related to car wash operations.

Finally, the use of specialized brushes and powerful jets can ensure that cars are thoroughly cleaned without the risk of damage. The Shining Star Car Wash tunnel is a perfect example of how modern car wash technology can improve customer satisfaction while keeping costs low.

Stay tuned for the rest of our mini-episode series to learn more about the technology incorporated into the Shining Star Car Wash tunnel! We’re sure you’ll be impressed and surprised at what our car wash is capable of.

In the 24 years, we’ve been in business, we’ve never damaged a rim. We are the very best at what we do for many reasons and our smart and safe conveyor system is one of them. Thank you for reading!

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Independently-Owned and Operated

As the only independently-owned and operated professional car wash in the Pittsburgh South Hills area, we are all about Serious Cleaning and Serious Commitment. Also, we are the last automated car wash offering hand towel dry service because it is the best way to finish a superior wash. Our commitment begins with service and technology. FREE wheel cleaner, wax, and vacuuming. All of this in just about a 3-minute process.

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