Good myth busters here, check it out. We clean undercarriages but not with chemicals. We also optimize this time of year to get the greasy applicator that the road crews use to put down salt off of your vehicle.


During the winter, road salt is applied to the roadway to melt snow and ice.

For regions that experience frequent snowstorms, salting can help keep streets and sidewalks clear and prevent slick driving conditions. Road salting is a common practice in many states and is widely considered an effective method for preventing weather-related collisions. In fact, the American Highway Users Alliance found that road salt reduces collisions by up to 85%.

While it may be a tried-and-true method for preventing ice, road salt can take a toll on vehicle parts and the environment. So, what’s the verdict? Is the use of salt to de-ice roads a good or bad thing? Learn more about the pros and cons of de-icing and preventing slick roads with salt.