Double Yoi, Not All Towels Are Terrible!

Double Yoi, Not All Towels Are Terrible. We loved Myron Cope! If he were still with us today and experienced the Shining Star Car Wash ...
2 people drying a car after a wash

Double Yoi, Not All Towels Are Terrible

We loved Myron Cope! If he were still with us today and experienced the Shining Star Car Wash hand towel drying service that our professional and courteous staff provide, we would hope he’d say “Zounds!” Smilar to Myron’s towel that was thought to mysteriously increase the odds of a Steelers win, we think the Shining Star towel and personal hand drying service increases the odds of attaining the perfect shine, as well as a repeat customer!

“Shining Star Car Wash professional hand towel drying service is a slightly complex undertaking made to look simple, and no other automatic car wash in our region is willing to provide such a service for their customers.”

Have you ever driven away from a car wash only to have water dripping down your windshield or spots where water dried on your car, ruining that just-cleaned feeling? Our professional hand towel drying service is the icing on the cake after a great wash and no other local automatic wash provides this level of care for your vehicle.

Not all towels are created equal.

The Shining Star team understand the importance of using a quality microfiber towel to ensure your vehicle gets fully dried properly with no residue left behind. From special training requirements for staff members to ensure every drying detail process is done perfectly to investing over $1,000 per year into purchasing high-grade towels.

With their soft texture and incredible absorbency, our microfiber towels make your car feel like they’ve gone to the spa.

A professional service with a best-practice process.

We take every little detail seriously to make sure our customers leave with a spotless ride. For example, we slightly dampened our towels on purpose so that they glide over the vehicle efficiently. Each clean towel is used on each vehicle only once and we wash them in commercial-grade machines with a special cleaner that ensures no residue is left behind, leaving your car looking shiny and new. And if by some chance, a towel gets dropped, we make sure to toss it in our laundry container and start fresh with a new towel so that you always receive the best treatment possible.

A spa-like touch for the finish.

Getting a car wash always feels like a treat. It’s like giving your car a little bit of love after all the wear and tear it’s been through. But taking it one step further and having someone hand dry your car after it’s been washed, brings an extra level of shine to your ride.

Professional hand drying your vehicle helps avoid water spots and streaks that can be left behind from air drying.

We want our customers to be truly amazed at how their car looks, that their expectations will be exceeded by our work. Come and experience this level of “Zounds” for yourself! Thank you for reading and see you at the wash!

Independently-Owned and Operated

As the only independently-owned and operated professional car wash in the Pittsburgh South Hills area, we are all about Serious Cleaning and Serious Commitment. Also, we are the last automated car wash offering hand towel dry service because it is the best way to finish a superior wash. Our commitment begins with service and technology. FREE wheel cleaner, wax, and vacuuming. All of this in just about a 3-minute process.

Try the rest but come to the best!


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