Why Is Ceramic Wax All The Rage?

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Ceramic Coating Mainenance
Our #CeramicWax along with our application technology give you that deep shine and protection, putting the ultimate shine on YOU and our Shining Star!
Custom nozzle delivery system, air injection and treated water are just a few of the engineering enhancements that optimize coverage and deep treatment.

Sure, ceramic coatings are phenomenal products. However, myths circulating throughout the detailing industry have made some people believe that ceramic coatings are some alien material that exerts a force field around the car, repelling everything from dirt to scratches, bad vibes to drunk drivers.

We need to address a few of these misconceptions before we proceed forward.

Myth #1 – Ceramic Coatings Prevent All Scratches

Ceramic coatings are hard and resist abrasion themselves. However, they are also incredibly thin and cannot protect the underlying paint from any scratches, bumps, or stone chips.

At best, you can get away with some minor scuffs, but that’s pretty much it. Don’t expect any miracles.

If you’re looking for chip and scratch protection, you should check out our article on paint protection films. And yes, they create a perfect symbiosis with ceramic coatings for the ultimate defense.

Experience our Ceramic Wax on your next visit and sport the best shine! Shine On!

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