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20 years of Car Wash Excellence

“Achieving the current level of perfection took many years of being obsessed with quality and customer service. This is our ongoing journey and we’re honored to have you along for the ride!” – The Platz Family

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we believe that providing quality care for a vehicle helps improve your quality of life, resale value and safety

The story has it that one of the brothers of Eat’n Park Corporation was an engineer and was fascinated with car washes, so he set out to build one of the most advanced wash services in the nation, right here in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. He traveled the country, learning about the very best, and then created his design utilizing all of the era’s best technology. His design was so advanced that it was featured on the cover of several car wash publications and began to receive national recognition. It even had water conservation equipment, 40 years ahead of its time. Glass block windows let in natural light and exemplified a structure that spared no expense or attention to quality. The building was beautifully landscaped and featured a large S-shaped driveway for selling gasoline at $0.29 cents per gallon.

Continuing Excellence

Eventually the gasoline pumps gave way to convenience store trends, and now a Monro auto repair facility sits in their place. The car wash endured, though, and has become The Shining Star. It was redesigned in 2003, but still follows the principles of its original creator and his obsession with the finest equipment and his commitment to the environment. Today, car wash operators from three states travel to Pittsburgh to tour and learn about how our smart wash technology and eco friendly chemistry work together to optimize quality and performance and help us continue to reign as the best car wash in Pittsburgh.

Touchless Versus Smart Wash

The touchless car wash was an idea that never evolved into good cleaning over 20 years ago.  Many touchless car washes use caustic acid chemicals to clean your vehicle, and these can cause damage to your automobile.  Touch free sounds safe but they just don’t clean deeply and that’s why you don’t see them everywhere.

An Interesting Extra Fact

For almost 20 years, car dealerships have trusted us with washing their brand new vehicles to complete their lot prep for sale.

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