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25 Good To Know Hacks For Your Car
Have you ever thought to yourself, “there must be a better way or a trick to (fixing or cleaning) this!” Occasionally a great tips article will show up that reviews some of the top hacks that’ll get the job done better, faster and more convenient. This is one of them.  

1: The Olive Oil Hack

You can clean your vehicle using olive oil, but before you get excited, there’s a trick and a purpose to it. The olive oil is used to protect the dashboard in your car, the same way that those expensive cleaning solutions will. You just need to put a few drops on a rag that you are going to polish the dashboard with (via Family Handyman).

Rub it around generously until the rag is dry and you’ll immediately notice the difference. The olive oil will shine the plastic and make protect your dashboard from the harsh rays of the sun. This is something that you can do once a week or once a month and you’ll notice the difference almost immediately.
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