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We offer multiple tiers of car wash services to fulfill your needs, and exceed your expectations.

The top-rated car wash in the Pittsburgh area.

Star Wash – $13

  • Wheel Cleaner – Sparkle clean plus micro-coating technology reduces future brake dust.
  • Flash Wax – Provides a beautiful shine with extended protection.

The Works – $20

  • Vivid – Colored surface enhancers deep clean and remove surface damage for maximum shine.
  • Tire Shine – A great looking shine that’s buffed deep into tires.
  • Underbody – A high-pressure cleaning of the underbody to protect your vehicle.
  • Wheel Cleaner Sparkle clean plus micro-coating technology reduces future brake dust.
  • Flash Wax – Provides a beautiful shine with extended protection.
  • NEW: Ceramic Sealant – Ceramic sealant provides more durability, more water-beading qualities, more UV protection, and more of a high-gloss finish ($5 extra)

Ceramic Sealant

You deserve MORE! That’s why we added Ceramic Sealant to our Works Wash. Ceramics are a luxury auto detailing process that delivers:

  • MORE high-gloss shine
  • MORE hard-shell protection
  • MORE rapid water removal

Today’s the day for a hard-shell ceramic sealant treatment.

Add it to your Works Wash for only $5  more.

What is ceramic sealant?
A chemical polymer solution called ceramic coating is applied to the vehicle exterior for ultimate protection. It blends with the paint of your car and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of paint protection.

Should I ceramic coat my vehicle?
Ceramic sealant provides better protection than wax, while enhancing the gloss and keeping your vehicle looking cleaner, longer. Sealants and waxes sit on top of the paint as a sacrificial layer that breaks down quickly, is not chemical resistant, and offers no additional strength to the paint.

What will I see on my vehicle after ceramic sealant has applied?
With our ceramic coating you will see the ultimate shine, because of its hydrophobic properties. You will see beads of water fly off the glass and painted surfaces. In the rain, you will see improved visibility. Water that moves off the surface easier means you will see better drying to enhance our towel drying.

Why is ceramic sealant only available to Works wash?
We discovered that ceramic sealant, when applied alongside our VIVID product, provides a greater shine than either product by itself. We are featuring ceramic as an addition to our Works wash because the VIVID product is included in the Works wash.


The 20-Minute Detail – $49

  • Available Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm.     
  • Interior vacuuming, cleaning of the dash, console, and interior glass. Rubber mats scrubbed, and our best Works wash.  All in just 20 minutes. No appointment needed.

Our Reviews

Check out some of our feedback from google reviews:

I have gone to this car wash weekly for the last 10 years. There is no better car wash in town. Friendly
staff and a process that always leaves the car shining like new. The hand dry process really makes a huge difference. Love it!

-Erin W

The shine it leaves lasts for weeks, and the quality is unmatched, it leaves my car with an amazingly smooth brilliant finish. The customer service is also top notch which makes you feel welcome. I will go nowhere else!!

-Markus S

This is about the only place I will take my car. Love that they hand dry my car at the end of the wash.

-Elizabeth C

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