Luxury Car Wash Pricing

We offer multiple tiers of car wash services to ensure you get exactly what you want, and are more than satisfied with the results.

Star Wash

  • Wheel Cleaner is an exclusive (HF) acid-free system that gently removes brake dust while polishing and protecting your wheels.
  • Flash Wax delivers a deep glossy shine with enhanced acid rain protection. This special formula won’t adhere to glass or leave your windows foggy or streaked.

Luxury Service

  • The luxury service includes The Works Wash and a full vacuum of the interior with the upholstery, dash and console wiped clean. All interior glass is cleaned along with the outside windshield for greater visibility. Rubber mats are washed and cleaned. Exterior mirrors are vacuumed to remove trapped water, and all exterior surfaces are touched up for any remaining water droplets. The Luxury Service Package in conjunction with the Works Wash is completed in just 20 minutes.