Serious commitment. Serious cleaning.

Our commitments to excellent service and environmental sustainability make us the best car wash in the Pittsburgh area.

About Shining Star

The Shining Star Car Wash dates back several decades. It was originally built in 1970 by Eat’n Park Restaurants as part of their diversification from the restaurant business into the gasoline and car wash business. They called it Gas and Glow, to describe both the gasoline and car wash features.

The story has it that one of the brothers of Park Corporation was an engineer and was fascinated with car washes, so he set out to build one of the most advanced car washes in the nation. He traveled the country, learning about the very best, and then created his design utilizing all of the era’s best technology. His design was so advanced that it was featured on the cover of several car wash publications and began to receive national recognition. It even had water conservation equipment, 40 years ahead of its time.  Glass block windows let in natural light and exemplified a structure that spared no expense or attention to quality. The building was beautifully landscaped and featured a large S-shaped driveway for selling gasoline at $0.29 cents per gallon.

Eventually the gasoline pumps gave way to convenience store trends, and now a Monro auto repair facility sits in their place. The car wash endured, though, and has become The Shining Star. It was redesigned in 2003, but still follows the principles of its original creator and his obsession with the finest equipment and his commitment to the environment.  Today, car wash operators from three states travel to Pittsburgh to tour and learn about our state-of-the-art equipment and process that continues to reign as the best car wash in Pittsburgh.

Why our wash is superior

Hand towel drying is the signature of our car wash process as we open doors and clean inside for that extra service touch. We’ve combined the most expensive soaps with soft lamb’s wool to produce the cleanest, deepest shine for even the most expensive luxury vehicle.

Luxury car owners know to bring their Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Acura, Lexus, and Ferrari’s to our wash. (Even two Bentley owners are regular visitors!) From new pickup trucks to luxury automobiles, we provide superior service in less than five minutes. Many of the area’s car dealerships trust us to wash their brand-new cars as they sit on the lot for purchase, and we have been servicing their needs for over fifteen years.

The touch-less car wash has become a trendy symbol for safe washing, but not deservedly so. Touch-less car washes are forced to use caustic chemicals to clean your vehicle, and these can cause damage both to the environment and your automobile.

Our Customer Service

Most companies talk about customer service and fail to follow through.

At the Shining Star Car Wash we look to the best customer service companies for guidance to tailor our process.  What we found was that the top recognized company is The Ritz Carlton, and even the iPhone people Apple actually followed their path to success.

We have our managers read The Ritz Carlton book on outstanding service and have customized our process of setting goals and follow-up to ensure great service for you.

Starting with a friendly attitude we empower our staff to solve problems, if they were to occur, on a dollar amount up to $300.00.  We have set a goal of creating customer happiness, which is reinforced on a daily basis.

Employee reviews are conducted on a one-on-one basis at regular intervals to ensure consistent service.  Do more, do the unexpected and make a new friend not just a customer.  Our staff  opens doors and wipes the door jambs clean after every wash. We will respond quickly to any special request with an enthusiastic and cordial demeanor.

We train, monitor and reward based on performance so that you will receive caring service on each visit.  This is the Shining Star way. We strive to be much more than a car wash; we strive to be the very best car wash in the Pittsburgh area.

Our Environmental Efforts

While designing the car wash, it was important that our commitment to the environment be a priority of the design team.  Our mission statement talks about the quality of the car wash but also focuses on being good stewards of the environment.

We have taken great care to install the most energy efficient LED lighting everywhere.  By reducing energy usage, we have saved 1,000s of acres of trees through a 50% reduction in energy usage.

Energy efficient heating and tankless hot water systems have been installed to conserve energy and waste. Our water conservation strategies have reduced water usage by over 60%.

Our car wash equipment uses more soap and less water. Our process uses 70% less water than the typical person consumes performing an at-home wash.  Do it yourself car washing uses over 150 gallons of water and contaminates our environment with soap and road oil runoff on driveways.  The Shining Star uses less than 40 gallons per car and the used water is sent to a water treatment plant for processing.

Most car washes use a wheel cleaner that is made from Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), a harsh cleaner that damages expensive automotive rims and painted surfaces. HF eats metal and rips off clear coat finishes.  At The Shining Star we have a process which uses safe soap and high-pressure water to rinse away brake dust without damaging wheels.

We are currently applying for Energy Star and LEED Certification approvals. We love our town, and care about our communities and the world we live in.  We are proud to be the best car wash around.